The sense of the earth

What you don't see, you feel.

Valentino, my father, used to repeat it all the time, and he still does today. 

I love walking with him in the woods, working the land together, listening to him. Dad taught me the phases of the moon, to apply the law of infinity to the truffle.

I owe my passion for the land and the truffle to him and to my mother Antonietta. And to my partner Inga, I owe love and teaching to sharing.

My life is the truffle.

I choose the best truffle, clean it, sell it and transform it in the small Ateleta workshop, where we live and where we want to be. Because the truffle is a feeling that unites my family and that, as always, we are committed to making those who, like us, perceive it through the senses .

FINE WHITE TRUFFLE (Tuber Magnatum Pico)

It has the style of the king and the scent of the queen. Penetrating, enveloping, irresistible.

The prized white truffle is the cure for all the senses. It gratifies the sight, with its shades from ocher to yellow. Its veins, thin filigree that meet and combine elegant colors, which pass between white and hazelnut, until they merge into pink. Enhances the taste, with its pleasant and unforgettable flavor. It fills the sense of smell with its intense perfume. It satisfies the touch, with its rounded but also angular shape. It softens the hearing, with the astonishment effect it gives at the table. The prized white truffle has the gift of quality. But also the power to make everything better.

It has inside and outside the magic of the earth, the talent of nature. The mission to bring something extraordinarily intense to the kitchen. But there is a magic formula: it must be used raw, to appreciate its true essence. Last secret: Its harvest time is between the end of September and December.

FINE BLACK TRUFFLE (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt)

The prized black truffle has the style of the knight, rough and sweet at the same time.

Its black-ferruginous color has the charm of armor and a sense of belonging to form and substance.

She has a sense of love, and her heart swings impetuously between black-purple, with subtle white streaks.

He has a sense of art, crinkled out of small warts, a masterpiece of the earth.

It has a sense of kindness, in its sweet and harmonious flavor.

And it has a sense of direction, with its scent that leads to ecstasy.

The prized black truffle challenges normality and wins it. It permeates each dish with its identity. It makes it alive and close. 

The knight's secret: it should be lightly cooked, to win every joust, but it is also excellent raw, thanks to the strong character of a hero.

The harvest period crosses the seasons: from November 15th to March 15th.


The summer truffle has the elegance of the sun. It covers up and turns out. And everything turns on.

It has a sense of warmth, in its blackish-brown color.

It has a sense of protection, with its pointed rind. 

Ha il senso della saggezza, quando alla maturazione vira al nocciola.

And it has a sense of music, with its delicate boletus notes.

The scorzone is shy and romantic, it is a tender and sudden kiss, when the rain stops and the sun returns. It is what you do not expect and it surprises you.

Its secret: freshly cooked and sliced ​​raw into strips.

As its name suggests, it is harvested from mid-May to the end of August.

UNCINATO TRUFFLE (Tuber Aestivum Var. Uncinatum Chatin)

The hooked truffle has the talent of geometry. With its internal grid of white veins. It makes you lose your senses and rekindles them with taste.

He knows how to be everything. But it can also be its opposite.

It has a sense of aesthetics, in its precious jet black.

It has a sense of form, with its elegant roundness.

With its sweet flavor, it brings in the sense of embrace.

Its name inspires fairy tales and stories of heroes, its flavor makes you fly. And it makes every dish and every smile immense. 

But he too has his secret: undercooked and raw laminated, it will make anyone dream.

The hooked truffle defies the cold! Its collection period is from 1st October to 15th March.


In our shop you will find fresh and processed truffles.

A riot of flavors and emotions that will enhance your dishes. 

We put our hearts into it. 

You put your imagination into it. 

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