Lasagnette con salmone, burrata e tartufo

Per questa ricetta andremo ad utilizzare il nostro Tartufo Acqua e Sale, che puoi trovare qui.

Here is the Lasagnette recipe with salmon, burrata and truffle:

With the help of a pastry cutter, cut the thin sheet of lasagna sheet into discs, then boil them in water with the addition of a teaspoon of oil to prevent them from sticking together, drain and dry with absorbent paper and then brush with the preserving liquid present in the jar. Line a baking dish with parchment paper and start composing the lasagna alternating with each disc of puff pastry the pure salmon, the frayed burrata and our truffle preserved in water and salt (cut into strips or crumbled with a grater. Sprinkle the last one. layer with plenty of parmesan and bake at 180 ° for a few minutes depending on the crunchiness you prefer.

ALL THAT REMAINS BUT to delight the palate!

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