Il mondo di Inga

Il Miele di Inga

Un tesoro naturale.
Musica per il gusto e l’anima, con le sue note aromatiche.
Dalla natura incontaminata del parco nazionale della Majella, che circonda l’alveare. Da una terra così ricca di flora e vegetazione. Da queste meraviglie, cosa potevamo ottenere?
Un millefiori fruttato, caldo e avvolgente.
Un miele ricco di proprietà nutritive, da usare in ogni ricetta: dolci, tisane, biscotti…
Ma anche da solo, ti farà sentire sempre in dolce compagnia.
Il mondo di Inga è fatto di passione.
Ma anche di miele.

Scent of happiness'

A world with good eyes. With an intense flavor. From pure passion for the land, for nature, for its fruits. 

Inga's world is made up of honey, family, truffles.

And it has the shape of a hug. 


My name is Inga Pisiuc, I was born in Moldova, in a small town called Crasnormeiscoe. The name was chosen by my grandparents, whom I loved very much. 

They transmitted to me the love for little things and the joy of living every moment, always with a smile, despite everything.

Precisely this helped me to overcome a difficult childhood, together with my mother Tamara and my four brothers.

Precisely this helped me to overcome a difficult childhood, together with my mother Tamara and my four brothers.

At school, they often mocked me for how I dressed, but I always proudly wore my mother's clothes and my grandmother's shoes. And I was growing up with pride.

Here I'm

My present has a name, his name is Fabrizio.

He is my current partner and meeting him has really changed my life. 

If I think back to the past, I cry a little and I'm happy about it, because it allowed me to be here today.

In Fabrizio I found hope, my true family. He taught me to love and appreciate myself and he always repeats to me that from the pain, from the bad things and moments that I have gone through, I must, day after day, learn and be better and stronger. 

Thanks to him I am here, thanks to all his help I have reached where I never thought I would go. Together with our two wonderful children, Valentin and Charlotte, who together with Alexandra and Carolina, are the meaning of my life.


The future is a world to discover.

It is made of honey and truffles. Of dreams that are slowly coming true. It is a future to be built but with solid foundations and a lot of love, for my family and for my work.

Inside I see joy and satisfaction, new ideas and enchanting flavors.

The Tartufaie are part of it, they are its engine, development and essence.

It is a project that I deeply love, to which I am dedicating all of myself, with the passion and humility that my life has taught me.

This is my future, which will lead me to create a new world. Inga's world.


The scent of truffles.

The sweetness of honey.

The hum of bees.

Living with my family in nature.

miele millefiori il mondo di inga


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