Le Tartufaie



Il Tartufo:

un diamante sporco di terra

The truffle belongs to the family. And we love family.

My father, in addition to his eyes, gave me this immense passion.

Made of perfumes and looks. Sensitive to touch. Full of taste and special sounds. 

Il tartufo è un’emozione, quel batticuore che cresce durante la cerca, i sensi che si riempiono di poesia mentre si scelgono i tartufi migliori.

My father used to talk to me about it like that, with lover's words.

And today that, thanks to him, the truffle is my job, I can honestly say it.

I'm in love too. 

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tartufo nero

Stories of truffles, passion and experience. 

Stories of perfumes, talent and the desire to create, respecting the essence. 

It is the story of a diamond and two perfect couples. 

In every sense.


Live the emotions of the truffle.

In nature and at the table.

Sensory experiences await you that will stay with you. 

Search your path and leave with us.

Inga's world

A world with good eyes.

With an intense flavor.

From pure passion for the land, for nature, for its fruits. 

Inga's world is made up of honey, family, truffles.

And it has the shape of a hug.

We are here for you

We love contact, we are people of heart.

Reach us how and when you want, because, you know, we are here for you.

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